Veolia Training Services

Veolia Training Services

Veolia, a recognized leader in the management of hazardous materials, has drawn on its many years of field experience to provide trainees with a hands-on approach to instruction.  Our training programs offer basic, advanced and refresher courses each tailored to meet our customers specific needs.  The highly practical learning techniques implemented in our programs increase training effectiveness without burdening employees with unnecessary information.  Veolia recognizes the importance of regulatory compliance in an ever-changing business environment, and continually updates its training programs to present an up-to-date training program to meet those needs.  We can train your employees at our site or yours, using equipment that is identical to, or compatible with, that which your employees will be using.

Veolia On-Site Program Content

On-Site Program Content

Each program can be adjusted to meet customer site and function specific needs which will include all equipment and materials to meeting training program requirements.  Training reference materials and a certificate of completion are included with the training.

Veolia Training Format

Training Format

Veolia offers five different Haz-Mat management courses at locations on the East Coast.  Choose from over 50 events offered throughout the year.  Unlike many training courses, which instruct from an "outside-in" perspective, Veolia makes use of its many years of field experience to offer an "inside-out" approach to its area of expertise.  Attendees don't just receive sufficient textbook instruction to understand the subject matter, but are also provided with relevant, hands-on training to ensure confidence and mastery of the necessary skills.  Sessions are practical and to-the-point; training effectiveness is maximized while less relevant material is kept to a minimum.